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TeeMark Manufacturing

TeeMark Manufacturing, headquartered in Aitkin, Minnesota, manufactures paint can, aerosol can, and drum crusher/packer equipment with compaction ratios up to 18:1. Maintaining an operating division known as D&E Foundry Ladles, TeeMark also manufactures various industrial-use foundry ladles, accessories, and turns-out a high volume of custom foundry ladles.

Since 1987, our company has been a leading provider of industrial ladles and hazardous waste disposal solutions on a global basis. TeeMark originally grew out of a foundry consulting business that was started in Easton, Pennsylvania in 1978. Our company formed in 1987 and began manufacturing operations under the “Fabtech” name. At the time, the company primarily concentrated on the production of “D&E” foundry ladles. In 1989, operations expanded to include the production of Drum Crusher/Packer equipment, with the manufacturing of Paint/Aerosol Can Crushers added in 1992.

Eventually, with its move to Minnesota in 1993, the two business divisions were merged under the unifying name of TeeMark Corporation. In July 2012 TeeMark Corporation was purchased by an employee of 12 year and now operates under “TeeMark Manufacturing Inc.” Throughout the years, moves and name changes, we continually strived to maintain a professional reputation and are still known for our service-orientated demeanor, flexible product specifications/customization and timely turn-around. At TeeMark, we maintain our own designing, engineering and manufacturing departments to better develop state-of-the-art compaction machines, pre-recycling systems and foundry ladle equipment.

Today, TeeMark Manufacturing holds its ground as a recognized world leader in the areas of waste compaction,waste volume reductionpre-recycling processing and foundry ladle production. As a manufacturing company we provide a complete-line of innovative technology and equipment, advancing waste reduction, pre-recycling processes and foundry ladle development on national and international levels.

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Whether your waste compaction needs include volume reduction, cost reduction, or recycling preparation, TeeMark can deliver. In fact, most of our compaction devices, whether for paint pails, aerosol cans or large gallon drums, will meet all of the above-mentioned needs.

  • Our Packer/Crushers use up to 150,000 pounds of adjustable hydraulic force to crush drums as large as 110-gallons.
  • Crushers, ranging in use for small aerosol cans up to large 110-gallon drums, assist professional waste management companies in disposing of hazardous chemicals and waste.
  • TeeMark Crushers help prepare containers (paint cans, paint pails, aerosol cans, 55-gallon drums up to 110-gallon drums) and their contents for recycling or proper disposal.
  • Our Waste Compactors or Packers, pack hazardous waste material into drums for disposal or incineration purposes.
  • Many of our waste compaction and crusher machines are available in portable or stationary models with explosion proof features.

Did You Know…

  • Disposal of one 55-gallon drum of hazardous waste can cost up to $1,000.00!
  • Drum compaction can reduce disposal volume and costs by 30%-80%.
  • TeeMark’s Can and Drum Crushers can turn drum liabilities into assets – clean, crushed drums are recyclable and are a valuable commodity at the scrap market.

D&E Foundry Ladles (A Division of TeeMark Manufacturing) - Click to Reveal Information

“Ladles Designed By Foundrymen For Foundrymen”

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TeeMark manufactures a full-line of D&E Foundry Ladles, both standard and custom designed products ranging in sizes up to 30,000 pounds. These D&E Ladles incorporate design innovations such as:

  • Double enveloping worm gears for greater strength with reduced backlash.
  • Renewable Trunnion Bearing wear surfaces that eliminate shaft scoring for longer ladle life and smooth ladle rotation.
  • Replaceable / Spare Ladle Bottoms on certain models for lower refractory costs and ease of maintenance.

D&E Foundry products was the original production line that grew out of the foundry consulting business started in Easton Pennsylvania in 1978. Wendell Dickmeyer and Tom Eberhardt, the “D” and “E” principals of the division, brought extensive foundry operating experience to their consulting practice. In 1982, they realized their D&E clients needed a better way to make ductile iron. Thus the “Tight Cover” ductile iron treatment ladle was developed specifically to meet their needs.

D&E Foundry Ladles, now part of TeeMark Manufacturing, remains a global leader in the design/build process for a full line of ladles, with special emphasis and expertise in ductile iron treatment and custom applications.

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TeeMark Manufacturing Inc. is a proud member of the following professional organizations within the hazardous waste disposal, recycling and industrial foundry industries: